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Sugar Yearbook

Comprehensive coverage of production, consumption, trade and stocks in the whole world for the past seven years (2008-2015). About 400 pages, nearly 150 country tables. Individual countries tables show production, consumption and trade by countries of origin and destination for the last eight years. 18 general tables including raw and white sugar trade and per capita consumption.  The most complete, authoritative and up to date source of world sugar statistics available.

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Ethanol Yearbook

Provides comprehensive statistics of the worldethanol (fuel and non-fuel) market, including nearly 100 tables comprisingproduction, consumption, trade, prices and government policy. The Yearbook alsoincludes a detailed 10-page analysis of the world ethanol market in 2014, withkey developments in production, consumption, prices, costs, international tradeand blending mandates.

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Quarterly Market Outlook

Mid-term analysis on sugar & sweeteners market developments. Complete world balance estimates covering sugar production, consumption, trade & stocks. Sections on WTO, alternative sweeteners, molasses & alcohol, currency updates, Regional Trade Agreements. Briefs on the most topical subjects including twice a year updates on changes in national sugar policies. Approx. 60 pages (A4). Released around the tenth day of the month of every quarter (February, May, August & November)

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Market Report

Brief report covering all the important developments during the previous month including comments on world sugar and ethanol markets as well as on fundamentals in pivotal national markets together with information on new sugar production projects, cogeneration in the sugar industry, alternative sweeteners, WTO and regional trade agreements. Approximately 10 pages (A4) released around 8th day of each month. 

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Statistical Bulletin

Providing invaluable updates on the world sugar situation between Yearbooks. Around 85 pages with approximately 160 tables providing comprehensive monthly figures for both raw & white sugar trade as well as production & consumption. Released around the fifth day of each month.

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ISO Studies

ISO studies are prepared with the aim of providing concise review and analysis of often fast-moving issues and developments arising within the current economic and political environment of the world sugar market.

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World Sugar Balance

Produced four times a yearin conjunction with the ISO Quarterly Market Outlook. Current forecasts and historical data (7 year series) on production, consumption, imports, exports and stocks on the country-by-country basis, as well as regional and world totals for October/September crop years presented on 21 pages in Word’s format.

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Workshop Proceedings


The ISO Workshop Proceeding consist of  presentations, discussions and reports from the mid-year meetings.  You may buy access to the proceedings if you were unable to attend these meetings. 

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Seminar Proceedings


The ISO Seminar Proceedings consist of  presentations, discussions and reports from the end of year International Seminar.  You may buy access to the proceedings if you are unable to attend the Seminar in person. 

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