COVID-19 - ISO Secretariat

Due to the exceptional circumstances (COVID-19) the ISO Secretariat will close the office with effect from 16:00 hours on Friday, 20 March 2020 until further notice. All staff members will work from home and are all reachable, preferably by email or the usual telephone number.


29th International Seminar - SAVE THE DATE - 24 & 25 November 2020 - Coronavirus and Climate Change: Short and Long term Challenges

This year’s Chairman will be Dr Fred Zeller, Executive Director of VSZ, the South German Sugar Beet Growers Association, who has a distinguished career in our sector.


ISO Sugar and Ethanol Yearbook

ISO Sugar and Ethanol Yearbook now available to order - limited copies available


ISO Zoom Conference - August 10, 15:00 (UK): “Unprecedented times: COVID-19 and Macro Outlook” - Kona Haque,, ED & F Man

ED & F Man is one of the most recognized commodities trading firms in the world and Kona has distinguished herself for her keen insights and comprehensive analysis of relevant factors and variables.


ISO Zoom Conference - August 19, 14:00 (UK): “Sugar & Health – What’s on the Horizon?” Miss Annie Denny, MSc BSc, Director General, WSRO

The World Sugar Research Organization (WSRO) focuses on scientific research, nutrition and consumption of sugar producing, some of the best analysis done in the world and representing the sugar sector internationally.


ISO Zoom Conference - August 28 (around QMO release): “An update of the World Sugar Market” by ISO

The Quarterly Market Outlook (QMO) is one of ISO’s main pieces of work and with the COVID-19 pandemic several months old the ISO Secretariat will provide a real-time picture of where things stand, the status of supply chains, impact on consumption and perspectives...….


Future Events

ISO Summer Series of Zoom Conferences and Webinars
02 Jul 2020 -
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29th International Sugar Organization Seminar
24 Nov 2020 - East Wintergarden, 43 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London E14 5NX
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07 Aug 202012.96 cts/lb
06 Aug 202013.20 cts/lb
05 Aug 202012.86 cts/lb
07 Aug 202012.54 cts/lb
06 Aug 202012.49 cts/lb
05 Aug 202012.42 cts/lb
07 Aug 2020372.25 $/T16.88 cts/lb
06 Aug 2020377.40 $/T17.12 cts/lb
05 Aug 2020369.05 $/T16.74 cts/lb

Devoted to improving conditions on the world's sugar market

The International Sugar Organization is the unique intergovernmental body devoted to improving conditions on the world's sugar market through Debate, Analysis, Special Studies, Transparent Statistics, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

The proactive attitude to include ethanol from sugar crops in our activities already in the mid-90s helped to promote the increasing role of biofuels in the future energy-mix worldwide