28th ISO International Seminar - Sugar: It's About People

26th - 27th November 2019


Survey of Domestic Prices for Sugar - MECAS(19)05

Price volatility is an inherent characteristic of agricultural commodity markets. In contrast to well-monitored global market prices, information on domestic prices are often incomplete and difficult to obtain. The study finds that despite a positive correlation, there is a large gap between average world and domestic prices......


An Overview of the Asian Sugar Trade - MECAS(19)06

The Asian Pacific Rim (APR) region is the biggest region on the world sugar balance sheet in terms of consumption and imports. Both production and export statistics for the region lag behind South American figures, due to Brazil, while production in Southern Asia, including India, was also marginally above the APR region’s total in 2017/18........


Survey of Cane and Beet Payment System - MECAS(19)08

Cane and beet payment systems define the relationships between growers and processors in all sugar industries which makes their relationship obligatory and symbiotic. Not only do they determine how industry revenues are distributed between them, they are also essential in establishing the incentives at both field and factory levels......


ISO Sugar and Ethanol Yearbook 2019

ISO Sugar and Ethanol Yearbook 2019 now available to order - Hardcopies available at the end of October 2019

13 Nov 201912.93 cts/lb
12 Nov 201912.70 cts/lb
11 Nov 201912.68 cts/lb
13 Nov 201912.62 cts/lb
12 Nov 201912.57 cts/lb
11 Nov 201912.55 cts/lb
13 Nov 2019338.00 $/T15.33 cts/lb
12 Nov 2019330.35 $/T14.98 cts/lb
11 Nov 2019333.90 $/T15.15 cts/lb

Devoted to improving conditions on the world's sugar market

The International Sugar Organization is the unique intergovernmental body devoted to improving conditions on the world's sugar market through Debate, Analysis, Special Studies, Transparent Statistics, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

The proactive attitude to include ethanol from sugar crops in our activities already in the mid-90s helped to promote the increasing role of biofuels in the future energy-mix worldwide