CIS Countries: Sugar Situation and Outlook - MECAS(17)05

For nearly two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and neighbouring countries were among the main destinations for sugar traded internationally. The situation changed radically at the beginning of the current decade with bumper crops in the main beet growing countries in the region. During the first half of the 2010s the CIS countries improved considerably their level of self-sufficiency in sugar to above 80% with the net-import demand of less than 2 mln tonnes. The place of the CIS region on the world sugar map has been changing further since 2010/11. This season sugar production has increased by more than 60% to reach nearly 9 mln tonnes. Domestic output covers more than 90% of demand and the region is approaching self-sufficiency. Major producing countries in the region are likely to become net-exporters, thus reducing the needs of sugar-deficit countries in imports from the world market. But can the countries in question maintain and continue to further expand their beet sugar production? What are their import and export prospects by 2025?

We begin this paper by presenting an overview of the common sugar market of the CIS countries and a new common market – the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU or EEU). The analysis continues by examining the situation in eleven individual CIS countries, looking into major trends, key drivers and future prospects for sugar production, consumption and trade. Finally, the ISO provides an assessment of the CIS sugar supply and demand in the coming years.

 The study suggests that the region will continue to expand beet sugar production further. In a nutshell, the ISO expects the CIS countries to produce about 9.7 mln tonnes as against forecast consumption of 10.7 mln tonnes by 2025.



Part I.	CIS – Recent Changes in its Position on the World Sugar Map 
                CIS on the road to self-sufficiency in sugar
                From the CIS Customs Union to the Eurasian Economic Union

Part II.	Individual country surveys
                      Sugar production
                      Sugar consumption
                      Sugar Regime
                      Sugar Exports

Part III.	Outlook for Sugar Markets in the CIS Countries by 2025

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