2024 ISO Chairman for Council

India will be occupying the Chair of the ISO Council for 2024 and the Honourable Sanjeev Chopra, Secretary of Food Nutrition, will preside. India is a leader in today’s sucro-energetic world, the #1 country in sugar consumption and a key mover in the international arena. ISO will be regularly posting news about its main features and looks forward to holding its Mid-Year Meeting (MYM) in June, which all members are strongly encouraged to attend.


The ISO is delighted to welcome Saudi Arabia as its 88th Member from 17 October 2022

Saudi Arabia is the world’s 9th biggest sugar importer and the 30th biggest consumer. Saudi Arabia is a valuable addition to the world’s largest intergovernmental commodity organization.


ISO Sugar Yearbook 2023 - Available to Order

ISO Sugar Yearbook offers comprehensive coverage of production, consumption, trade and stocks in the whole world for the past seven years - available to order


ISO Ethanol Yearbook 2023 - Available to Order

The ISO Ethanol Yearbook provides comprehensive statistics of the world ethanol (fuel and non-fuel) market, including nearly 100 tables comprising of production, consumption, trade, prices and government policy.

18 Jul 202418.96 cts/lb
17 Jul 202419.37 cts/lb
16 Jul 202419.64 cts/lb
18 Jul 202419.85 cts/lb
17 Jul 202419.94 cts/lb
16 Jul 202419.95 cts/lb
18 Jul 2024541.20 $/T24.55 cts/lb
17 Jul 2024551.25 $/T25.00 cts/lb
16 Jul 2024567.90 $/T25.76 cts/lb

Devoted to enhanching conditions on the global sugar market

The International Sugar Organization (ISO) serves as an intergovernmental entity facilitating global collaboration within the sugar sector. With member countries spanning the globe, ISO assumes a critical role in tackling challenges and fostering cooperation to uphold the stability and sustainability of the worldwide sugar market. Moreover, the ISO stands as a unique intergovernmental body committed to enhancing conditions within the global sugar market through Debate, Analysis, Special Studies, Transparent Statistics, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

Our proactive approach to incorporating ethanol from sugar crops into our activities as early as the mid-90s has significantly contributed to promoting the growing role of biofuels in the future energy mix on a global scale.