MECAS(22)05 - Food Systems – A Sugar Perspective

Food system analysis is a relatively new field, bringing together all parts of food supply, from agriculture and agronomy to global food availability and environmental considerations. While academics broadly focus on the global impacts, such as climate change and health, this new field of study provides a platform on which to discuss and exhibit industry credentials, including its sustainability, and to challenge misconceptions.

This study sets out the perspective for the sugarcane and sugarbeet industry. In the first part the microeconomic dynamics between participants at different stages within the system for sugar, for example the engagement between farmers and millers, are delineated and examined. The second part considers the sugar industries’ credentials in macroeconomic terms, such as health and regional investment, sustainability and climate change, addressing and highlighting both challenges and positive attributes.

The study ends with a brief outlook towards areas where the industry could focus in terms of promoting beet and cane as high yielding and resilient crops. It considers the possible expansion for the industry into products such as ethanol-based cooking fuels, fermentation outputs such as lysine to support the global protein balance and the long-standing drive within the sugar industry towards a supply chain which is transparent and equitable.

Broadly the food system framework gives a platform on which to attribute features of industry to holistic objectives that are in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 programme, the global drive towards limiting global warming and many others. The sugarcane and sugarbeet industries have much to offer in this respect. This study provides an overview of the industry, its structures and strengths, with the aim of broadening recognition of its potential and promoting it as an important contributor to these objectives.



1 	Microeconomics							
        Food System Scope								
        Sugarbeet Agronomy							
        Sugarcane Agronomy							
        Sugar Production								
        Food Production								
        Sales Channels Overview				 			

2 	Macroeconomics							
        Food Systems Summit Objectives						
 	Hunger, Obesity & Food Waste						
        Environment and Climate							
        Land stewardship								                
        Investment and infrastructure						

3 	Looking Forward							
        Market Opportunities							
        Sugar System Opportunities						
        The Protein Opportunity							

4 	Conclusion								

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