MECAS(20)05 - New Frontiers in Agricultural Technology

In the last few years, a significant number of digital technologies have positively impacted the agricultural sector in drastic ways, permeating through the entire value chain – from production, to distribution to sales. These technologies present themselves as science-based intensification solutions to sustainability problems that challenge the agricultural sector today.

With advancements in computer technology and communications, a new frontier is emerging, driven by the real-time use of big-data and powerful and connected hardware. Different terms have appeared to describe this increasingly technological model of agriculture, such as Agriculture 4.0, which uses sustainable precision agriculture methodologies. This AgTech sector provides a wealth of opportunities for value adding in the sugar industry by promising to increase productivity of sugar crops while also ensuring greater environmental sustainability.

In this study, key drivers prompting innovation in AgTech are examined and major topics to which AgTech offers solutions are considered, such as agricultural productivity, data analytics, market linkages and financial inclusion. Relevant examples to the sugar sector are outlined and the importance of big-data, its value, and ownership are discussed.



Chapter 1: Disruptive technology in agriculture
                  The AgTech sector
                   AgTech themes and relevant examples	
                   Agricultural productivity
                   Data analytics
                   Market linkages and financial inclusion

Chapter 2: The importance and value of data	
                  How valuable is data?	
                  Data ownership	

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