Workshop Proceedings 2019 - Profitability Through Sustainability

The global sugar industry faces continual challenges and changes. To move forward in a sustainable and cost-effective way, the world’s sugar industry must analyse and understand: –

  • Megatrends impacting agriculture
  • Trade Flows – shifting patterns & outlook
  • Forging the future for the Australian industry
  • Social licence, food, health & nutrition
  • Environmental & industry sustainability

This event tackled issues, share ideas and identify effective ways for a dynamic sugar industry.  You can expect lively debate on innovation, fresh ideas, new initiatives and a reflection on the global sugar situation.

  • Expect a full-day conference led by outstanding industry speakers and panellists
  • Be informed, share your expertise and ideas in interactive sessions
  • Take part in a full day industry tour
  • Network and enjoy the social activities planned

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