ISO Quarterly Market Outlook - February 2018



World statistical surplus to increase to 5.15 mln tonnes in 2017/18

Record world sugar production at 178.70 mln tonnes despite lower output in Brazil

Global use of sugar to grow by 1.6%

World statistical surplus overhangs the market

Record net-short position for non-commercial investors in New York

EU and Indian domestic prices fell by more than 15%


Special Focus

A Survey of Sugar Taxes Worldwide


Commodity Prices

Oil prices strengthen to highest level since 2014

Agricultural commodity prices decline in the fourth quarter of 2017


World Fuel Ethanol

Record production level forecast for 2018

Global trade expected to show little growth

US surplus a major market factor


Bioplastics and Biochemicals

Use of bioplastics set to grow at least 50% in the next five years



In Brazil biomass power increased 7% in 2018


Alternative Sweeteners

EU Isoglucose production quotas removed

US HFCS offtake to decline further in 2018



Global production to rise sharply in 2017/18

Molasses prices weaken again


WTO Update

Limited progress in Buenos Aires



Regional Trade Agreements are growing in number

EU-Mercosur negotiations reach critical stage


i-iii 			Executive Brief

1			World Sugar Market
	  1		World Balance
	  2		Supply
	  2		Production
	 10		Export Availability
	 12		Demand
	 12		Consumption
	 13		Imports Demand
	 15		Brief(18)01 – Mid-term Review 
	 16		World Market Events and Prices
  	 19		Currency Movements
	 21		Domestic Markets and Prices

23			Special Focus
	 23		Sugar Taxes – A Country Survey  

27			Commodity Prices

29			World Fuel Ethanol
	 29		Overview
	 30		Production
	 32		Consumption
	 34		Ethanol Trade
	 35		Prices

38			Bioplastics and Biochemicals

39			Cogeneration

40			Alternative Sweeteners
	 40		High Fructose Corn Syrup
	 43		Intensive Sweeteners

44			Molasses

48			WTO Update

49			Regional Trade Agreements

51			World Sugar Balance Estimates

The views expressed in this document are those of the ISO Secretariat.  They do not necessarily represent the views of the ISO Members.
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