ISO Chairman 2024

Chairman for Council 2024 - Secretary Sanjeev Chopra - INDIA
Vice Chairman for Council 2024 - Mr Edgar Herrera - COSTA RICA

Shri Sanjeev Chopra, has assumed charge as Secretary, Department of Food and Public Distribution in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution with effect from 31st October 2022. He was elected as Chair of the ISO Council at the Nov23 session and assumed the position on January 1, 2024.

 Shri Sanjeev Chopra completed his B.Com Honours and M.B.A. from FMS, Delhi University. Later, he completed his LL.B. from Utkal University Bhubaneswar and M.Sc from the London School of Economics & Political Science. He holds prestigious fellowships (Hubert H. Humphrey at Cornell and Robert S. McNamara at World Bank). He has also taught at the LBS National Academy of Administration was the coordinator of the faculty of Management and the Vice Chair of the Centre for Co-operatives and Rural Development. He has been the Guest scholar/Visiting Faculty at Brookings Institution, IIM-A, IRMA, LBSNAA and State ATIs.

 Shri Sanjeev Chopra served as Director/Deputy Secretary in the Technical Education & Training Department during 1999-2000. He handled the State Co-Operative Banks during 2000-2004 in the capacity of Managing Director. From 2007-2014, he served in LBSNAA, Mussoorie as Sr Deputy Director/Jt. Director. From 2015 up to October 2022, he has served under the Government of Odisha as Chairman Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation Ltds. Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation and Odisha Mining Corporation. He has also served as Secretary to Government in Departments such as Industries, General administration, Agriculture and Home.

 His opinions are based on extensive background in Governance and Public Policy, Development Interventions, Agribusiness Policy, and Rural economy.


 It is with great pride and enthusiasm that India assumes the chair of the International Sugar Organisation (ISO) for the year 2024. This significant milestone reflects not only our nation's prowess in the global sugar sector but also our commitment to steering the industry towards sustainability and innovation.

As we embark on this leadership journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all member countries for their trust and support. During our tenure, we seek your valuable support and cooperation in fostering a collaborative environment aimed at adopting sustainable practices in sugarcane cultivation, sugar and ethanol production, and optimizing the utilization of by-products.

India, as the largest consumer and second-largest producer of sugar globally, plays a pivotal role, contributing 15% to global sugar consumption and 20% to production. In the Eastern Hemisphere, India proudly leads the sugar market, complementing Brazil's dominance in the Western Hemisphere. Additionally, as one of the world's leading ethanol producer, India demonstrates a steadfast commitment to green energy. We view ethanol and other by-products of sugar as opportunities to provide sustainable energy solutions to reduce GHG emissions as well as to provide alternative to chemical-based fertilizers with supplies of farm nutrition supplements like Potash, press mud as green manure.

As we take on this responsibility of chairing the ISO in 2024, we look forward to a year of collaboration, shared growth, and sustainable advancements. Together, let us shape a future for the global sugar industry that prioritizes innovation, environmental responsibility, and the well-being of all stakeholders.