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The Executive Director wishes to inform you about the exciting new Zoom conference series that will be launched in March; entitled “Harvest In”, we will have reports on the 2020-21 harvest from the key sugar producers in the world, including yields, performance and availability for exports. You will be the first to know how increases or shortages will affect the world sugar balance, and be able to assess the real impact of weather phenomena such as “La Nina!”. The first Zoom conference will be held on Thursday, 4 March at 15:00 (UK time) and will focus on Central America.

These events will be held virtually using the Zoom platform. As last year, the announcement for each event will be sent one week prior to the Zoom conference and you are asked to inform the Secretariat of their wish to join the event. On the day of the meeting the Zoom link will be circulated (30 minutes ahead of the start time) to all those who have registered so they can log in and participate. It is expected that each conference will last approximately one hour.

The ISO hopes as many as possible can join these Zoom conferences, which the Secretariat trusts will bring added value to understanding the current situation and future challenges and opportunities for our industry.


The first of the ISO "HARVEST IN " Zoom Conferences is planned for Thursday, 4th March 2021 at 15:00 (UK time) and will be “HARVEST IN CENTRAL AMERICA”. 

Mr. Juan Carlos Fernandez, Executive Director of AICA, along with leaders from the sector in the region, will provide a projection of the current harvest in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, including the key windows for export, ethanol and molasses.

There is a token £10.00 fee to participate in this Zoom conference for strengthening ISO’s capacity to continue addressing priority issues and payment can be done via the ISO website (www.isosugar.org). Once your payment has been received you will be notified and will receive the Zoom link approximately half an hour ahead of the start time for the meeting

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