Our Team

ISO Staff

José Orive

Executive Director
Email: exdir@isosugar.org
Birgit Myrie

PA to Executive Director
Email: birgit@isosugar.org
Colin Lynch

Head of Finance and Administration  
Email: colin@isosugar.org
Catherine Roussière

PA to Head of Finance & Administration
Email: catherine@isosugar.org / finance-admin@isosugar.org 
Peter De Klerk

Senior Economist
Email: peter@isosugar.org
Pedro Arruda

Email: pedro@isosugar.org 
Maureen Baffoe

Publications Officer
Email: maureen@isosugar.org / publications@isosugar.org
Ivete Martin

Statistical Assistant
Email: ivete@isosugar.org / statistics@isosugar.org 
Sylvain Disset

Printing, Information Technology & Conferencing
Email: sylvain@isosugar.org